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What We Charge

Because t-shirts are stretchy, we will take the following steps to assure your t-shirt quilt will be a lasting treasure:

  • Use 100% high quality cotton sashing between blocks
  • Use 100% high quality cotton backing
  • Use 20/80 Poly cotton batting for durability & softness
  • Ultra strong clear thread that does not "step on" t-shirt graphics
  • High density stitching pattern to stabilize the entire quilt

What We Do

It's time to talk those t-shirts out of the closet and start enjoying them daily.  We can help.

T-Shirt Quilts

You Are Ready


$15 per block

$15 per block includes all materials and workmanship.  (See "What We Do" in left column.)

It is just that easy.

16 adult size t-shirts will make up into a 68" x 68" throw              $240

20 blocks make up into a twin size 68" x 84" quilt                        $300

24 blocks is a longer twin 68" x 101" quilt                                    $360

25 blocks is full size 84" x 84"  quilt                                             $375

30 blocks make an extra long full size 84" x 101" quilt                $450

36 blocks make a queen size 101" x 101" quilt                           $540

42 blocks make an extra long queen size 101" x 117" quilt        $630

49 blocks make a king size 117" x 117" quilt                              $735

Yarn Balls (DW1494) is a good example of a stitching pattern that works well.  You can also browse our library of patterns.  Look for a tight pattern which will make your quilt reliably washable.

Are You A DIY?

Great!  We celebrate your creativity.

Do your magic then bring your masterpiece to us.  You really and truly do need a very dense, very consistent stitching pattern to make this work.

The commercial filament thread is key.  Plus, we use the very best single needle longarm sewing machine made anywhere on the planet.

If you don't want your project to fall apart after a half dozen washings, send it to us.  We will treat your project as if it were for a member of our family.

The sewing rate is Designer with a thread charge.  Our Rates Here

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