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Your Quilt Is QUEEN At ForeverQuilt of Omaha Longarm Quilting Studio

Sewing Rates

Popular Patterns   Edge to Edge                       1.5 cents/square inch

Designer Patterns  Edge to Edge                      1.8 cents/square inch

Popular Patterns Custom Elements                   2.0 cents/square inch

Designer Patterns Custom Elements                 2.5 cents/square inch

Charges apply based on coverage

Backing Fabric

ForeverQuilt Supplied 100% Cotton                  .0075 cents/square inch

Customer Supplied/ForeverQuilt Pieced           .0025 cents/square inch


ForeverQuilt Supplied 100% Cotton                 .0050 cents/square inch

ForeverQuilt Supplied 80/20 Cotton/Poly          .0040 cents/square inch


Additional color(s)                                             $ 8.50 each

Variegated                                                        $10.00

Metallic or Monofilament                                  $ 15.00

Binding (based on quilt surface area)

Cut bias binding                                               .0025 cents/square inch

Sew binding to quilt top                                    .0030 cents/square inch

Sew binding to both top and back                    .0050 cents/square inch

We will bring the back to front and bind at no cost.  

Just a nice little thing we do unless you don't want us to.

Longarm Quilting in Omaha

Check out our extensive list of quilting patternsfor your quilt top.

Don't settle for less than you really want.


  Choose the patterns that fit your quilt and your budget.

With over 500 patterns to choose from,  the finished look you desire has never been more attainable. 

Our amazing Innova machine handles even custom areas with ease.  Corners, borders, sashing, triangles, frames and motifs, the customization you have always felt you could not afford, well, maybe now you can.  Our customers can combine an edge-to-edge pattern with coordinating custom elements like corners and borders.  They pay only for the area of customization, in most cases, a small percentage of the overall service.  Custominzation on a queen size quilt can be added for as little as $50. 

We don't know of anyone else who offers this compromise.  We think it is a Win/Win, so we invite you to at least take a look at this option for your masterpiece projects.

Call with your questions.  We want you to have the quilt of your dreams without breaking your budget.

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Guaranteed Best Longarm Quilting In Omaha

The goal at our ForeverQuilt studio is to bringout the beauty and vision of your quilt.             The precision of our state-of-the-art Innova longarm sewing machine enables us to deliver a result we are proud to guarantee.